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Membership Applications

Hawkesbury Harvest, trading as Harvest Trails and Markets is a community based organisation interested in keeping farmers farming by creating different distribution channels for them to distribute their produce, namely via the Farm Gate Trail, Special Events and Farmers Markets.  Linking farms with other businesses along the trail makes possible visitor experiences with high levels of authenticity and regional character.  Individuals also join HT&M to be part of its projects and advocacy for fresh food, farming, health and well-being.


Below is the link to our application for those wishing to join the Harvest Trails and Markets network. 

We have ten categories of Membership.

  1. Farm Gate Trail or Artisan Producer
  2. Arts, Crafts or Gallery
  3. Tour Company
  4. Restaurant or Cafe
  5. Accommodation
  6. Town or Village
  7. Commercial Farmers/Artisans Market or Local Community Market
  8. Local Community Charity or Not-for-Profit
  9. Friend of Harvest (for organisation, affiliate or individual)
  10. Sponsor

The following application form and the associated criteria for membership is attached for you to decide your own level of membership.

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New Member Page Information Guide

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Hawkesbury Harvest Inc

Trading as Harvest Trails and Markets


M: 0406 237 877



PS We also run Farmers Markets, please contact us directly if you wish to have more information on the Farmers Market.