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Benefits of joining Harvest Trails and Markets

  • Businesses gain exposure to consumers looking for authentic food, farming and cultural experiences.  Harvest's platforms are used by potential customers to research, plan and find these experiences.

  • Farmers access alternative market channels for their produce and build opportunity for diversification and niche markets.

  • Member businesses that can leverage the attraction of agri-tourism to include hospitality, environmental, arts, heritage and transport industries.

  • The core business of Harvest is to provide potential visitors to rural regions with information and access to food, flora, fibre and cellar door experiences while enhancing farm and other small business viability.

  • Harvest attracts national and international recognition, its website, and social media platforms are used by hundreds of thousands of users every year.

  • Regions strengthen their identity and highlight their uniqueness through the Trails that form around their base industry of agriculture.

  • Towns and Villages gain connection to and support their surrounding farms and other rural attractions.

  • Markets become part of a regional experience and attraction that builds new visitation.

  • Individuals can participate in Harvest development agendas and support rural communities through economic and social action.

  • You will become a member of a community-based organisation that is made up of small to medium sized farms and associated businesses that support the idea of retaining the rural and scenic amenities across rural regions through trail-building and bundling of product to form experiences.

  • Harvest is passionate about the open "farm" experience for children, making possible REAL experiences that are Rewarding, Enriching, Adventure and Learning for families, the chance to purchase fresh, locally grown produce direct from the grower, and re-connecting people with their sources of food through the Farm Gate Trail.

  • Food journalists and lifestyle shows build content using Trail experiences.

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To register your interest in joining, go to the 'Members' page and click the 'Register Now' link.