Grafting and Budding for Fruit Trees and Soil Science

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17 Mar 2021

A privileged opportunity to spend a day with a highly educated master horticulturist, successful businessman and prolific educator.

Date: Wednesday 17th March 9am until 4pm

Venue: Pine Crest Orchard, 2549 Bells Line of Road, Bilpin 2758

Cost Incl. GST: AIH Members & Non Members $88 Enrolled Student $55

Lunch and Morning tea will be provided.

Soil Science Session: Healthy soils for long-term cropping and fruiting sustainability

Good soil needs to supply plants not only with anchorage but with a balanced air and water environment in which the necessary plant nutrients are made available as needed by the developing plant. The soil should not be the limiting factor for plant growth and crop production.

In this 4 hour workshop, we hope to show you how you can determine the key characteristics of any soil. By carrying out some simple objective field measurements and tests you will learn to determine the air and water relationships which allow efficient irrigation and soil management.

Terms such as soil texture, soil structure, particle density, bulk density, air-filled porosity, water tension, volumetric water, field capacity, and readily available water will not only be defined but their relevance for horticultural practitioners demonstrated.

Budding and Grafting Session: The Art and Experience Of Plant Union

The joining of one part of a plant onto another by grafting or budding is one of the oldest forms of asexual propagation and plant improvement. It can be carried out in the open ground with nothing more sophisticated than a sharp knife and something to tie and seal the join.

The various effects on both the external form and the internal physiology that can be obtained make it a fascinating area of plant propagation. This 4 hour workshop will introduce you to grafting and budding with ample opportunity for practising this art.

**Please bring Secateurs and a sharp Budding knife if you wish to participate in the practical workshop. Please advise of any special dietary issues.**

Learning outcomes: An enhanced working knowledge of the principles of budding and grafting with regards to production Horticulture and understand the assessment and management of soils to optimise horticultural production.

Attendees should contact Chris Poulton 0409 747178  or Wayne Van Balen 0417 944955 for any further information or discussion.

Speaker Mr John Galbraith

John Galbraith completed a Diploma of Horticulture with honours at Burnley Horticultural College in Victoria in 1966 and commenced work with the Victorian Dept of Agriculture at Tatura Horticultural Research Station in the Goulburn Valley as a field officer. He worked on canning peach variety selection and fruit quality in the canning industry.

Work as foreman on an apple orchard at Batlow commenced in late 1968. John married Erica, a Batlow school teacher in 1969 and the first 2 of their 7 children were born at Batlow.

In 1972 John and Erica purchased Pine Crest Orchard at Bilpin and have lived there operating the orchard for the last 49 years.

As well as running Pine Crest John has lectured in horticulture and agriculture in many subjects with soil science, irrigation, safe chemical application, and botany among the many subjects delivered over a 40 year period.

John completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Horticulture at the University of Western Sydney in 1992 and then for the next 10 years lectured there in Horticultural Engineering and Irrigation.

In 2000 John commenced work with the external education arm of NSW TAFE where he developed and delivered the Certificate III course in Production Horticulture while at the same time running the urban irrigation Certificate III course at Ryde School of Horticulture.

Pine Crest orchard with about 5000 fruit trees now grows many types of deciduous fruit and from December to April each year is open most weekends for “Pick Your Own”.

Contact Details

contact Chris Poulton 0409 747178 or Wayne Van Balen 0417 944955