A country experience on the doorstep of Sydney.

Farm Tour - Food, You and Regenerative Farming

22 Mar 2020

10AM Grace Springs Farm, Kulnura

We believe that healthy food can only come from where it is farmed in healthy soils. We believe that farming CAN have a positive impact on the environment and the surrounding ecosystems when you farm by working with nature. We believe that regenerative farming can rebuild communities and restore health to consumers.

We believe that the power to bring about change is in our own hands. Whether you are on a farm or in a city apartment, we all have a part to play.

Have you seen the 2040 film, Biggest Little Farm or the Farmer's Footprint documentary and been inspired?

Have you been hearing about Regenerative Agriculture and want to know more?

Have you been thinking about where your food comes from & how it is farmed? What the environmental impact is of the food that you are buying & eating?

This tour is a deep dive into how we farm using Regenerative Farming methods.

What Regenerative Farming means to us.
How we farm for increased biodiversity
What 'soil health' means
How we 'work with nature'
How we farm without the use of chemicals & with minimal fossil fuels
What 'Holistic Management' means in managing a farm
Demonstration of how we do our 'Ecological Monitoring'
Regenerative Farming's part in rebuilding communities
How you can support Regenerative Farmers on the Central Coast
This will be a 2 hour long tour where we take you behind the scenes on our chemical free farm to give you the hows & whys of what we do.

Questions on the tour are encouraged - we believe that the food system in Australia needs to change and it starts with informed, conscious consumers like yourself.

Tea, coffee & light refreshments provided.