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Soil Biology Masterclass 2019

30 Jul to 31 Jul 2019

This is an ideal program for delegates seeking to understand the benefits of soil biology as a driver of healthy crops and healthy foods.

The 2-day Soil Biology Masterclass will provide you with the core knowledge and principles to assist in incorporating soil biology and health in management practices to sustainably increase productivity and profitability. 

The Masterclass is targeted towards growers and consultants / agronomists.

By attending, you will:

• Gain an in-depth understanding of the latest research in soil biology and health; the role of microbes in nutrient cycling and plant interactions; roles of soil fauna and practical methods for improving soil health.

• Learn about the future directions for research, technologies and practices.

• Have opportunities to network with our guest presenter and expert researchers, undertake a facilities tour and enjoy a networking dinner (included in your registration costs).

Limited positions available, registration is $295

Proudly sponsored by the Global Centre for Land-based Innovation, WSU
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Contact Jasmine Grinyer for details: j.grinyer@westernsydney.edu.au   Phone: 02 4570 1335 RSVP: 24th June 2019