A country experience on the doorstep of Sydney.

Flowers to Fabric - Artist Tour and Walk

5 May 2019

Free Artist talk, a tour of Flora Sensa Exhibition and tour of the garden to be inspired.

This talk is about Rachael's experience of being a florist and a quilter and how the two mediums relate to each other. Rachael will share several quilts that she has made that have been inspired by flowers.

Meet the Artist
Rachaeldaisy has become synonymous with bold, colourful, eye-popping quilts. and it’s no wonder after 20 years of being a florist experimenting and mastering colour and form.

In addition to making quilts for quilt shows and exhibitions, Rachaeldaisy teaches her techniques and quilt style in classes and workshops around Australia.ch as folded fabric and gathering techniques, a mix of fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool felt, denim result in beautiful and unique textured work.