A country experience on the doorstep of Sydney.

Natural Beekeeping 101 Workshop

20 Jan 2019

2PM to 5PM
Grace Springs Farm, Kulnura
$90 per person

This is an introduction into beekeeping. If you are interested in keeping bees, but don't know where to start then this workshop will get you on your way. We will simplify the road to becoming a beekeeper.

We are passionate about homesteading and equipping people to be self sufficient & bees play a huge part in our farm eco systems.

The workshop will include:

Understanding the nature of bees

History of bee management

Hive selection - what type of hive will work best for you (Langstroth, Warre, Top Bar Hives)

Hive selection - Build or Buy?

Pest Management - hive beetle, wax moth, ants etc.

Hive Management

Local contacts for sourcing bees, equipment etc.

The course will commence at 2pm and will include a homemade Afternoon Tea.

Tickets are $90 per person.

Photo credits: @longjettyproduceswap

Contact: Tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/2072727892792458/