Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Harvest Membership?

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31 Aug 2017

Membership isn't just your listing on the Harvest Trails and Markets' website or app, there's more to exploit, but are you?

One of Harvest's biggest challenges is feeding the demand for stories and information about what's happening in our farming and value-adding businesses.  We have established mainstream media activity through ABC Local Radio, and have a regular Harvest column in the Hawkesbury Gazette that provides community information and other interest stories - if you'd like to have something like this in your own region, then contact us and we'll make the pitch to your local news media.

With the shift to digital platforms, Harvest has an expanded capacity to promote you and your business, but we need you to feed the content to us for distribution across our platforms.

You'll have seen the Harvest Times Newsletters turn up in your in-box, but we also have social media pages to produce content through, and if you have your own social media pages, we can follow you and pass on any posts you make to a wider audience via Harvest Trails and Markets' media pages.  We also promote events you have scheduled via the Events page on our website, but also via the social media pages.  If you can turn what you normally do into something a little special, it can be an event!

So, are you exploiting what your membership could easily deliver if you made use of all that it includes?  Take a few minutes each week to feed us what the public hungers for other than your produce or experiences, feed us the stories, photos, observations and other content they crave.  We'll do the work to turn it into published content, all you have to do is send us the stories and images.

Media presence through Harvest Trails and Markets includes:

  • Web page and app inclusion if that's your membership level
  • Regular email Newsletter sent to the subscribing public
  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages with followers
  • Regular radio and newsprint, and occasional features in lifestyle media like GetAway, Sydney Weekender.
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