Harvest Trails and Markets is a not-for-profit community incorporated organisation formed in 2000 by farmers in the Hawkesbury region of NSW.  HT&M helps connect producers directly with consumers to build alternative distribution channels for farmers, growers and producers.  Our mission is to enhance the sustainability and viability of Australian agriculture, with a focus on small-scale, family farms and artisan producers.

HT&M believes it is important to protect the productive agricultural land around our cities, towns and regions, along with the knowledge and culture of the people who make a living from it. We are committed to seeing it flourish in its many forms and do this by making it easier to bridge the city-country divide for both rural folk and urbanites.  Our website and other media channels provide an easily accessed directory of food, flowers and fibre, of our growing food regions and their distinctive offerings, and the diversity of artisanal products that constitute an ever important part of Australia’s food scene and tourism industry.

For lovers of food, we can help you find the best artisan and exclusive produce and products

For visitors to our regions, we can help you discover the delights nearby or plan a food discovery experience.

For farmers and producers, we have a powerful web directory where consumers can see what you produce, and how to connect with you.

For regions wanting to build food trail experiences, we have the platform and infrastructure ready to go, we can help you build trails and create experiences.

What we’re about is bringing growers and eaters together, helping them make connections that create mutually beneficial experiences and relationships, and making it easy to do so.