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Benefits of joining Hawkesbury Harvest

  • You will become a member of a community based organisation that is made up of small to medium sized farms and associated businesses that support the idea of retaining the rural and scenic amenities across the Region.
  • The core business of Hawkesbury Harvest is to provide the many visitors to the region with a food, flora, fibre and wine experience whilst bringing viability back to the small farms.
  • Associated businesses that can leverage from Hawkesbury Harvest include hospitality, environmental, arts, heritage and finance industries.
  • Hawkesbury Harvest is increasingly attracting national and international recognition Region.
  • We are passionate about the open "farm" experience for children, a life style alternative for families, the ability to purchase fresh, locally grown produce, an introduction made possible by the Farm Gate Trail.
  • We recognize the value of exposure to the Region through our ABC Radio 702 segment on Saturday mornings with Simon Marnie. The listening audience is estimated as between 80,000-100,000 listens per week.
  • The numerous local, regional and national awards received by Hawkesbury Harvest and it's Members over the past 3 years is testament of our success.
  • The food journalists and lifestyle shows that have featured the Region and our Members is numerous.
  • Hawkesbury Harvest 's Gourmet and Fine Food Farmers Farmer's Markets at Castle Hill Showground on the second Saturday of the month attracts thousands to the Hills Shire.
  • The importance of the tourist $ that Hawkesbury Harvest brings to the region has been recognised by the Restaurants, Hotels, Tour Operators etc. on more than one occasion.
  • The strong working relationship Hawkesbury Harvest has established with local, state and federal government bodies, the local universities and areas of health has been invaluable and so it goes on
  • You will be promoting the importance and recognition of what the rural lands of the Hawkesbury and it's neighbours contribute to the quality of life for the greater Sydney basin.

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